Duties and responsibilities

Specific Powers and Duties of the Bureaus                                                                 

Without prejudice to the existing or subsequent provisions of other laws, the Regional Bureau of Agriculture shall, pursuant to this proclamation, have the following specific powers and duties;

  1. Prepare and implement the short, medium and Regional State on the basis of the country’s Agriculture- lead policy and strategy as well as cause the promotion of a rapid and sustainable agriculture;
  2. Avail Extension service and technical support to the farmers, render initial proposal for research purposes and follow up their effective application thereof;
  3. Provide material and technical support with the view to preventing and controlling crops’ and animals’ diseases as well as anti-harvest pests and weeds;
  4. Introduce and adapt new technological findings obtained by research, produce prototypes and disseminate same to potential producers;
  5. Provide the appropriate information and adviory services to private proprietors wishing to invest their capital in the agricultural sector;
  6. Render educational, training and counseling services to the farmers and private investors engaged in the agricultural sector as regards the development, protection and use of the natural resources, follow up and supervise over the development, protecton and utilization of same thereof;
  7. Create in collaboration with the appropriate bodies, favorable conditions whereby farmers may be provided with credit facilities;
  8. Carry out water- harvesting activities or cause same to be carried out, undertake maintenance, traditional river diversion and irrigation development works on small-scale irrigation schemes, encourage their expansion and provide support thereof;
  9. Conduct the approprantine control on those plants, seeds, animals and products thereof brought into or going out of the Regional State;
  10. Follow up and supervise over the distribution of agricultural inputs in a desired quality;
  11. Establish and direct training institutions and centers assisting the acceleration of the agriculural development and improvement of the rural technologies;
  12. Expand and administer the crop, animal and rural technology multication centers available in the Regional State as cause the establishment of newer ones
  13. Direct, in collaboration with the relevant bodies, the activities preservation and
  14. utilization of the forest and wildlife in the Regional State;

  15. Follow up the periodic conditions likely to impact on the agricultural development, put an early warning system in place as well as oversee and monitor the food security activities;
  16. Coordinate and support woredasing